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carbon golf shaft

Product InformationT series

Tokyo global design series T series

※ The Haute Couture Design Series is available at Shiba Kouen Lab and Umeda Lab (our company store) only.

Haute Couture Design Series

The world’s advanced and finest manufacturing golf shafts

Seven Dreamers products are manufactured
in Tokyo by craftsmen who make each shaft carefully one by one.

Our golf shafts are manufactured differently from
others. To retain 100% of the carbon fibers’ quality,
we do not polish or grind the carbon fiber of the shafts.

We use autoclaves to bake the shafts,
thereby eliminating the need for polishing and grinding.

Autoclaves are often used in manufacturing
high-precision carbon products such as parts for satellites and
aircrafts. Using autoclaves enables us to manufacture
the world’s highest quality carbon golf shafts created with less resin and more carbon fiber.
It gives a user a better and smoother feeling in their shots resulting to better control and more distance.

For your dream shot !

T series shafts are products that can be purchased and delivered quickly, coming in a choice of 33 lineups based on a huge volume of data related to design, ball trajectory, and total balance. Designed for men and women players of all types from professionals to amateurs.
  • Control

    Designed with firmness in the grip area great for control during swing.

  • Standard

    Designed for players who want a smooth descent shot that gives them control and distance

  • Long distance

    Designed to create a faster head speed during shots for distance.

    Long distance

T series custom

T series custom is a made-to-order shaft aimed at achieving the customer’s ideal by designing the shaft from scratch based on the customer’s club head by gathering information such has current shaft information, swing data, etc. For details, please check with your nearest dealer.

Store Locations

If you are considering purchasing any of our products, please visit your nearest showroom.
The haute couture design Series is available at Tokyo Shiba Kouen Lab and Osaka Umeda Lab only.