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carbon golf shaft

Product Informationputter shaft

putter shaft


putter shaft

seven dreamers is changing commonly accepted industry standards by making the stiffness of the whole set of clubs consistent, and its putter shaft is no exception. The putter, used after irons shots, is designed to provide the same swing comfort and greater usability to help improve the stability of your stroke. Making it more forgiving for those players having difficulty in long distance putter shots.

Japanese Pro Ryuji Masaoka comments on seven dreamers’ putter shaft

“The distance control it provides is fantastic.”

I’ve used a carbon putter shaft in the past, but it was not up to this level. In every shot, the ball rolled the way I wanted it to, enabling me to control distance much better. The percentage of putts that go the way I’d intended has increased, with far fewer wild putts over 2 m short or long. It’s great.

Flex consistency = consistent shaft stiffness

During a round of golf, players can make great fairway shots and approaches only to ruin their score through poor putting. We applied our flex consistency concept to our putter shaft as well, to provide the same swing comfort and greater usability to help improve the stability of the stroke. Playing a round of golf with our set of 14 FC shafts will help you appreciate and enjoy golf more, and will be powerful aid in increasing your score.


Specifications Table


*Recommended putter specifications (set based on the Iron specifications.)
*Regarding our putter shaft, please note that it requires installation of putter head.

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