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carbon golf shaft

Product Information The Limited Design Series

「L01」now on offer
Paying meticulous attention to the fitting for each and every one of our customers, seven dreamers is offering the L01 Limited Design Series, custom-made shafts using a vast array of fitting and design data based on a new design concept. With the release of this shaft, Ms. Hisako Higuchi has given us her valuable suggestions.

Limited Design Series The ultimate shaft derived from a vast array of swing data


Limited edition of 300 shafts


We have created a custom-made shaft based on data gathered from 50,000 hitting patterns as well as valuable advice from Hisako Higuchi. This shaft is seven dreamers’ own design and uses the ultimate carbon materials found in high precision technology in the field of aeronautics.


  • fine carbon fibers

    Taking advantage Japan’s world-renowned textile technology, we have succeeded in weaving complex patterns by applying a special process to conventional looms that eliminates the breaking and fluffiness of the fine carbon fibers.

Benefits to the customer

  • 1Personalized golf club by Own-name Service Own-name Service

    The process, unique to seven dreamers, involves having your name integrally molded into the shaft rather printed onto it.

  • 2Ready-to-use original products
    showing off the beauty of carbon
    Specially made carbon coaster

    Specially made carbon coaster and golf divot repair tool

Features of the shaft

Features of the shaft

Provide seven greater carry distance to serious golfers seeking a high level of stability. Catches the ball well and provides a long carry distance for senior and women golfers. Includes a vast amount of data that all golfers want, and includes head type and data flow design according to weight. For each weight band, club heads with a deep or a shallow center of gravity are provided.
In total we have a lineup of eight types of shaft, each with three types of flex, and 24 different variations.


Golf club fitting chart

※D・・・・・・Club heads with a deep center of gravity、S・・・・・・Club heads with a shallow center of gravity

Type Model Flex Length(mm) Tip dia(mm) Butt dia(mm) Weight(g) Torque(deg) Kick Point
Shallow CG L40S L 1170 8.5 16.0 45 5.0 Low
RR 48 4.8 Low
R 48 4.8 Low/Mid
L50S RR 53 4.8 Low/Mid
R 53 4.8 Low/Mid
SR 55 4.8 Low/Mid
L60S SR 15.3 60 3.6 Low/Mid
S 65 3.6 Low/Mid
SX 65 3.3 Low/Mid
L70S S 70 3.3 Low/Mid
SX 72 3.0 Low/Mid
X 75 3.0 Low/Mid
Deep CG L40D L 16.0 45 4.8 Mid/High
RR 48 4.8 Mid/High
R 48 4.8 Mid
L50D RR 53 4.8 Mid
R 53 4.8 Mid
SR 55 4.8 Mid
L60D SR 15.3 60 3.6 Mid
S 65 3.6 Mid
SX 65 3.3 Mid
L70D S 70 3.3 Mid
SX 72 3.0 Mid
X 75 3.0 Mid

Hisako Higuchi’s thoughts on seven dreamers’ L01

“The ball goes farther so I feel it’s much easier to play the second shot.”

Hisako Higuchi
With 72 wins and being the first Japanese winner of a US major tournament, she truly deserves to be called a golf legend. She enjoys playing golf with her husband, and even now is very particular about her carry distance.
Watch the interview with Hisako Higuchi

“When I find a shaft that suits me, I can hit longer shots and enjoy golf more.”

―How did you come to know about seven dreamers? Higuchi:
Through my husband. We were playing a round of golf together. We usually hit around the same distance but this time he hit the ball around 20 yards further than mine. I said: “How did you do that?” He told me he had changed his shaft. It was a seven dreamers shaft. ―What do you look for in a golf shaft? Higuchi:
I would have to say it’s carry distance. Next is precision ―Back when you were a professional, it must have been frustrating to be left trailing behind your opponents. Higuchi:
No, not really. They might have been 10 or 20 yards ahead of me, but the view is different from the second shot. I always thought it would be easier from the second shot. ―How did the club fitting go at seven dreamers? Higuchi:
First I did some test hits and got my carry distance and so on measured. When I took the completed shaft on a round, I got some good distance. I still want to improve on my carry distance, that’s what appeals to me the most. ―What is the importance of a shaft? Higuchi:
When you use a shaft that suits your swing, you have the confidence to use it. In that sense the shaft is important. ―What is the importance of a shaft? Higuchi:
When you use a shaft that suits your swing, you have the confidence to use it. In that sense the shaft is important. ―The design of the new shaft reflects Ms. Higuchi’s valuable opinion. Higuchi:
Some people have a go at using an opponent’s club because it makes the ball fly, but that is only because it is suitable for that person. It does not mean that it’s the right one for you. It’s really important to find out whether a club suits you or not, so it’s best to do some test hitting first. The shaft that suits you will give you the satisfaction of a good ball flight.

Hisako Higuchi Hisako Higuchi
Hisako Higuchi

Hisako Higuchi – born on October 13, 1945 in Saitama Prefecture. Hisako Higuchi turned professional in 1967. Since then she has had 72 wins, been the top earning woman player 11 times, which remains a record. In 1996 she became President of the LPGA of Japan Tour. She is involved in increasing the popularity of women’s golf. In 2014 she was the first to be recognized as a Person of Cultural Merit in the field of golf.

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