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iron shaft

Seven Dreamers is changing commonly accepted industry standards by making carbon fiber iron shafts with the stiffness of the whole set of clubs consistent. We call this “flex consistency” concept where all clubs have consistent flex (stiffness) despite difference in length, thereby allowing the player to swing the club with the same comfort. Generally, clubs made with the flex consistency concept, even the middle and long irons clubs said to be poorly understood by players, are surprisingly easy to hit, and the accuracy of long shots can also be improved.

Japanese Pro Masashi Ozaki comments on seven dreamers’ iron shaft

“It’s a dream for all players !!”

“The difference between steel shaft & carbon shaft is that with carbon shaft, you can reduce the torque, which is good. Light weight means you can make shaft longer, and a longer shaft means you can get more centrifugal force. The more centrifugal force you gain with a good shaft, the further your ball will travel. The latest irons definitely give 1 club size more distance, and give more height too.”

Flex consistency = consistent shaft stiffness


Among the 14 shafts in sets of clubs currently on the market, the longest shaft, the driver, is the lightest and most flexible, and the shortest, the wedge, is the heaviest and stiffest.
Golfers intuitively distinguish between these differences when swinging the club. At the time of the swing, the club head speed is fastest for the driver, and slowest for the wedge.
With our flex consistency concept, we aim to eliminate the inconsistency in head speed in current clubs, where the head speed gradually decreases as the shaft stiffness increases, so as to enable you to swing your clubs more easily and comfortably, and with less variation in speed, no matter what club you are using.

Seven Dreamers has applied this concept to each of the 14 shafts in a club set to offer its 14 Complete Collection.

Flex Consistency

Flex consistency (FC) shafts provide other benefits in addition to swing comfort. When compared to standard shafts widely used up to now, stiffness is slightly increased in the long irons, making it easier to achieve increased smash factor and ball flight. Unlike other shafts, our short irons bend the same as the long irons. This enables the player to hit the ball with the correct angle of the iron to achieve the original launch angle of the ball that it was made to have. This makes it easier for ball to stop on the green. The player can also use the putter with the same feel as the shaft used in the approach, making it easier for the player to swing when putting.

This is seven dreamers 14 Complete Collection
The flex (stiffness) consistency concept applied to all shafts

Feel the difference from other shafts and improve your score.

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