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carbon golf shaft

Product InformationFlex Consistency

Flex Consistency

Our 14 Complete Collection is A complete set of 14 shafts from driver through woods and irons to putter, designed to enable you to hit the ball with the same timing or feeling. Among the 14 shafts in sets of clubs currently on the market, the longest shaft, the driver, is the lightest and most flexible, and the shortest, the wedge, is the heaviest and stiffest. Golfers intuitively distinguish between these differences when swinging the club. At the time of the swing, the club head speed is fastest for the driver, and slowest for the wedge. With our flex consistency concept, we aim to eliminate the inconsistency in head speed in current clubs, where the head speed gradually decreases as the shaft stiffness increases, so as to enable you to swing your clubs more easily and comfortably, and with less variation in speed, no matter what club you are using.


The figure above shows the correlation between shaft length and club head speed. The stiffness of conventional shafts is such that long shafts with high club head speed have the least stiffness (softest), whereas the shortest shafts have the most stiffness. It takes considerable athletic prowess and touch to swing both long, soft shafts through a large arc and short, stiff shafts through a small arc shaft with the same timing to achieve perfect impact. When playing a round of golf, many playerers will find it difficult to hit the second shot with the same timing after hitting your tee shot. Seven Dreamers’ flex consistency (FC) concept is aimed at ensuring consistent flex and swing comfort so as to enable the ball to be struck with the same timing irrespective of the length of the club.

Based on our flex consistency concept, we offer our FC Concept Series of shafts as a complete set of woods, irons and putter shafts designed for weight and flex consistency. The specifications table below presents our FC Concept Series lineup of full 14-shaft sets consisting of a combination of FC Concept iron sets with weight and flex consistency, together with wood and putter shafts.


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