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carbon golf shaft

Tokyo global design series

T series shafts are products that can be purchased and delivered quickly, coming in a choice of 33 lineups based on a huge volume of data related to design, ball trajectory, and total balance.
Designed for men and women players of all types from professionals to amateurs.

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iron shaft

Overturning commonly accepted industry standards,
we provide whole sets of iron clubs with consistent stiffness (flex consistency).
Even the middle & long irons, clubs that players tend to find difficult,
are surprisingly easy to hit, and the accuracy of long shots can also be improved.

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putter shaft

Invariably used after an iron, our putter is also designed to provide the same swing comfort and greater usability to help improve the stability of your stroke.

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14 Complete Collection

A complete set of 14 shafts from driver through woods and irons to putter, designed to enable you to hit the ball with the same feeling
Regardless of the number of clubs used, our aim is to help players swing clubs more easily and comfortably, creating result in every shots than before.

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Store Locations

If you are considering purchasing any of our products, please visit your nearest showroom.
The haute couture design Series is available at Tokyo Shiba Kouen Lab and Osaka Umeda Lab only.